About Us

In April 2015 Myriad Projects was registered with a sole aim to cater to the customers in north India with the head office in Panchkula. In due course we have increased our presence in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Punjab.

We are engineers, and construction industry experts equipped with relevant resources, equipment & manpower to carry out civil works with specialization in repairs, retrofitting, strengthening, waterproofing, and concrete protection.


To provide technology driven customised solution to clients in the field of civil & waterproofing, repair & rehabilitation.

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Types Of Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are the most durable part of any building or structure. They provide strength,, durability to the structure and also helps to control indoor and outdoor temperature. It separates a building from outside world.Masonry is the word used for construction with mortar as a binding material with individual .
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