Grouting Services

Grouting Services possess a wide range of specialist grouting like cement grouting, epoxy grouting or PU based grouting. Our machines can operate at a different range of pressures. Water reducing agents and plasticizers are regularly used within our day-to-day grouting operations to improve workability and reduce bleed.
We are specialist in either shallow blanket or consolidation grouting over critical portions, Curtain grouting from a gallery or concrete grout cap.

Repairing And Rehabilitation

Existing buildings are subjected to processes of degradation with time, which leads to a situation in which they are unable to fulfill the purpose for which they have been built. Sometimes, there is also the need to improve the conditions offered by the existing buildings or to adapt them to new functions. Our company dedicated to solving repair and restoration problems of our customers using the injection techniques, carbon wrapping, carbon laminates, etc. We use latest technology, quality materials properly applied and a highly trained labor force all designed to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Terrace is much need part of a building, we shall make it waterproofing due to climatic variations and extremes of rainfall.
We provide

  • ABP membrane Service
  • UPVC membrane Service
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